It rains, it pours, it gets hot, it gets cold. Now add Love Bugs to the mix! The weather and pests in Punta Gorda, Florida are extreme; however, with a professional painter, you can paint the exterior of your home anytime of the year! By choosing a professional who knows how to work around the elements, it will ensure that your paint looks great for a very long time to come.


The exterior painting in Punta Gorda, Florida needs to be done when there is time for the paint to dry-which is easy since the sun does the work rather quickly! If there is one thing your painter will be on the lookout for, it will be Love Bugs in May. A swarm of Love Bugs can stop an exterior painting project for 2 or three days, up to a week! When painting your exterior, even colors near white, they can look almost black if the Love Bugs get stuck to it like the picture of the car! (Side Note: placing petroleum jelly onto the front of your car will make getting the Love Bugs off a snap!)

Love Bugs on Car, but not the exterior of your painted Punta, Gorda home!

Love Bugs on your car, but not the exterior of your painted Punta, Gorda home!

It may seem like a step back to have to wait a week for the Love Bugs swarm to go away, but it is not so long when considering having to start all over if they get stuck to the home midway through the project. This doesn’t mean May isn’t great for painting; it means hiring the professional painter who will make sure your home doesn’t get plastered with Love Bugs-even PAINTED ON Love Bugs, which is much worse since they flake off and leave spots of unpainted areas.


Some may try to tell you that you cannot paint during the rainy season of summer in Florida. This is not true. What is true, is that you cannot paint when it rains or your stucco is wet, for obvious reasons. A professional painter will have his crew out early and done for the day before the rains that usually hit between 2-4pm. Our crew likes to work from 7am-3pm. The days when no painting can be done are rare, but do occur. A professional painter will also take less than a week for a typical exterior home in Punta Gorda. They like to be quick and efficient and not leave a long standing project.


Can it ever be too cold to paint? Yes. If the weather reaches below 60 degrees (Fahrenheit) for most paint and there are some that will be fine until the weather reaches less than 35 degrees (Fahrenheit).


There are plenty of times throughout the year that a Florida painter can paint your home. The winter can also be a great time, but it’s also a great time for you to be outside enjoying the weather and not looking at a painting crew. By choosing a professional painter, you can enjoy the weather in the winter and a new coat of paint in the summer!


The exterior painting in Punta Gorda, Florida needs to get done regularly (only every 9 years, with Burnett Paintings warranty), and choosing the right professional painter can save you money and frustration. A painter in Punta Gorda, Florida will make an appointment, come out with their crews, and set to work on painting your home anytime of the year.  They will be monitoring the weather and the Love Bugs so you can relax and enjoy each of the four Florida seasons: Summer, Almost Summer, Almost Perfect and Perfect!