One of the compliments we receive on every job is how much the customer enjoys our painters. We have a PHENOMENAL team and we love to have them bragged on by our customers! Each of them feels like part of our family and we even get together for a company party almost every month at our home. We LOVE these guys and gals!

How do we FIND these gems? Well, there is a process and a few tools, but one tool that has just launched, could revolutionize and take the “pain” out of “painter search.”

How painting companies find their team players in SW FL

What is this tool? It’s going to be legend–wait for it—dary! Yes, Legendary! It’s called Painter Job Hub! Companies looking to hire painters and painters looking for work, merge onto one platform and make it easy to hire a great team player! Now, it is in the beginning stages, but if we could fast forward a few years – I’d say we will see a very well developed, essential tool for hiring any painter for your company.

Be sure to add your painting company or, if you are a painter looking for work, register yourself so we can find you!

Just fyi, the usual ways of finding a painter (which will be pre-historic once Painter Job Hub gets crankin’!) are:

1. Let the paint store of choice (A & E Paint Store is the bomb!) know you are looking and have them recommend a few searching painters

2. Utilize Craigs List with a REMARKable ad such as this:

If you’re the painter we’re looking for. . .

You are described by your references as very neat and clean, friendly, enthusiastic, conscientious, holding yourself to high standards, as well as courteous, mature, and a relaxed team player.

You present yourself well as trustworthy and punctual with a great smile! You are eager to take this opportunity to learn and grow with a caring, and fun team with high expectations. 

You will be responsible for prepping and painting interior and exterior surfaces, without direct supervision, for a clientele expecting excellence with a smile!

AN ABSOLUTE MUST IS- You have your own personal truck, a drivers license, smart phone, e-mail.

( PLEASE DO NOT CALL ) If you call, you will disqualify yourself by not following instructions. 

If this is YOU. . . be ready to tell and show me why, when you fill our this form by 5pm this Friday. In fact just do it NOW!!! 

Fill this form out here —>

Thank you,

3. Current Employees Friends: something like birds of a feather flock together

4. Newly added: We are excited to build a great testimonial from hiring from Painter Job Hub!

What works for you? Let us know!