Last week we discussed color flow when painting the interior of your home: colors need to be complimentary as you can see adjoining room colors when standing in one room. I introduced you to my FAVORITE color selection tool: the Benjamin Moore Affinity Colors Fan Deck.

Affinity Fan Deck by Benjamin Moore

Photo by Benjamin Moore:

Whether you are color blind, don’t trust your color instincts, or just want to make the entire process easier on yourself, take a look at the Affinity Fan Deck.  You simply cannot go wrong!

There are warm colors, cool colors, creamy dreamy colors, loud and proud colors, and so much more! 144 colors to choose from-you won’t run out of ideas, just space to paint!

When you are unsure of your own color choosing, this tool can be your life saver. I’m sure you are looking at the picture to the left and already coming up with ideas of where those colors would really bring your home to life. Remember, there are 3 ways to get your hands on one of these Affinity Fan Decks in real life: (as we all know, you can’t choose a color off the computer screen!)

1. You can order your own fan deck from Benjamin Moore’s website,

2. You can go to any Benjamin Moore Paint Store and purchase,

3. You can schedule an estimate with us at Burnett 1-800-PAINTING and ask to see our Affinity fan deck while we measure your home for painting!

Even if you have a flare for choosing colors that impress, you may have an affinity to the Affinity Deck, once you see it, too! It’s easy peasy to choose colors and loads of fun with no hassle! Where’s that Staples button…”That was easy!”