Stop exterior paint from blistering before it begins; hire a professional Venice, Florida Painter!

Stop exterior paint from blistering before it begins; hire a professional Venice, Florida Painter!

Paint will blister for many reasons including: applying to a wet surface, moisture leaking from the inside, and from hot temperatures. In the hot Venice, Florida sun, your painter will pay attention to these types of things when painting your home. After spending your hard earned money on exterior painting, the last thing that you should have to deal with is unsightly blistering on the side of your house.


When you hire a Venice painter, there is one thing that you will want to look for above anything else: a warranty. A paint warranty will protect you against paint blistering, peeling, cracking and such. Every painter that you are considering for the job of painting your home should be offering you a warranty that will protect you against blistering. If they do not, you are the one who is at risk should the paint fail.


Read the details of the warranty carefully. Some will provide you with a warranty that covers their workmanship only – but not the actual paint. This means that if they used the wrong paint but applied it correctly, you are not sufficiently covered with the warranty that they gave you. On the other hand, if only the paint is under warranty and it was applied improperly, you are also not covered. To be a true warranty, one must offer a material and labor (workmanship) warranty.


Having a paint warranty protects your investment with a Venice painter. If the hot Florida sun begins to beat down steadily on your house and you suddenly have blistering on your garage door or peeling on your stucco, pull out the warranty and call your painter in Venice, Florida. They will come out and take care of the problem at no cost to you.


Blistering paint exteriorIf you don’t get the warranty for the paint, you could end up having to deal with the blistering on your own. This means either looking at the peeling for a number of years or hiring another Florida painter to come out and fix the problem. Neither of these options should sound very appealing because they aren’t.


You’re spending money on exterior painting for a reason – to add quality, protection, and beauty to your home. It’s hard for your home to be beautiful with paint blisters all over it. Once you pay the Florida painter for their work, you should have some sort of protection on the quality – which is why you need to look for a paint warranty.


While it’s true that Florida has a climate that’s harder on paint than many other states, that doesn’t mean that you should have to pay more. There are a lot of new paint formulas that have stepped up to the challenge of warmer climates. If you hire a professional Venice painter, they will know about these formulas and use them on your home. Most importantly, they will also provide you with a warranty for your home and for your peace of mind.