DISCLAIMER: I know we are taught not to write really long blog posts, so this is not a blog post. It looks like one, but it is just me, April.

“What do you do for a living?”

what do you do for a livingThis is a common question asked when meeting new people. We ask it of them and they, in turn, ask if of us. Does anyone else have a hard time saying what they do exactly or at least being so excited to tell someone? But I LOVE WHAT I DO! I am so THANKFUL for my life and my FULL days! So, why is it so hard?

Since becoming a wife, mother of 3, publisher’s virtual assistant, and the “office manager” (aka manager of all the details of the business) with Burnett Painting, I’ve had a hard time describing what I do. I want to say, “I’m the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker.” That doesn’t really help, though, does it? It does, however, bring a smile to my face. ūüôā


“I work for Acme ABC Company. What do you do?”

Pregnant pause …and the feeling of, “Oh my word, I don’t want to think about all I am responsible for, let alone know how to tell you so you won’t walk away thinking, “That’s nice.”¬†¬†or worse, “She just sits at home, eating Bon Bon’s, watching All My Children, lucky girl.” (Is that show even on still??)¬†I could refute the aforementioned and describe my hatred of TV shows like that, but I don’t need to. Our reputation¬†precedes¬†us.

OOO! Let me check my business card! That must say what I do…

I’ve had “Office Manager” on my business card for quite some time now, though for almost as equally long, we’ve moved our office home and I don’t have staff to manage, but, rather, paper to manage. Certs for this, insurance for that, state, city and county licenses, employee W2’s, receipts, payroll, and on and on it goes…where it stops, no body knows! Oh, but I do.

I’ve also had “Internet Marketing Manager” on my business card. That just makes me feel guilty for not putting 40 hours into our online marketing. Maybe 2-6 hours of that per week now. Though, for certain, there were times of many more hours on this when training on different programs like 30 Day to Online Domination (GREAT program!) or Hubspot (another GREAT program!)

Burnett Painting caresThen there are the non-revenue generating titles. Though I’ve never had these titles on cards, many of us can claim them: wife (aka: the one who pays bills, makes and keeps a budget, cleans the home, ¬†keeper of the family calendar and detail manager) , Mom (aka: the one who does my laundry, makes me do my homework, keeps me healthy, and tries, with dad, to raise me to be disciplined, well-mannered, motivated, and a hard working adult, and feeds my cat/dog/pet), housekeeper/maid (aka: need I say more?), kitchen manager (aka: plans for, buys for, and prepares meals,¬†dish scrubber, washer, and even finder).


But all this ASIDE! WHO CARES?


I do and you should, too! What do I do? What is my definite chief aim? (as Jim Rohn would ask) My main purpose is to glorify God and this as God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him. (John Piper)

So, as I sat holding my sleeping baby who is sick today, I kept asking myself, “What do I do?” I know that life is all about relationships. (First, our relationship to God, and 2nd, to fellow mankind.) I also know that I want to make a difference.¬†¬†Then it hit me…I am a FOWARD TO Consultant!

“HUH?” you say.

Precisely! ūüėČ My definite chief aim and my passion has always been to relate to people! Make friends! Get to know people! Enjoy people! I want people walking away from a conversation with me looking FORWARD TO seeing me again, FORWARD TO¬†doing business with me again,FORWARD TO¬† hanging out for coffee with me again, and FORWARD TO¬†referring me to your friends! Why? Because you know: a) you were heard, b) you were understood, c) you are important, and d) you have found a new/deeper friend in me! Because I do care about you.

Could it be so simple? Something I’ve been doing for 29 years?

I was first a FORWARD TO Consultant with my family and friends growing up. I wanted you to like me, laugh with me, heck, laugh AT me, with me!

Then, when I went to college and each job during and after that, I was a FORWARD TO Consultant for the kids in my classroom, my co-workers and clients at the dental office, and each patron through each restaurant I worked in. I wanted my students to look FORWARD TO their lessons with me because they were exciting and brought to life! I wanted my co-workers to look FORWARD TO working with me because I am a team player and care about giving excellent service! I wanted the dental clients to look FORWARD TO coming to our office so I could maybe brighten up their day!

What about now? Today?Burnett Painting looks forward to seeing you!

I want my husband to look FORWARD TO coming home after work to a peaceful, productive home.

I want my children to look FORWARD TO coming home to and being home with a mom who loves them and wants to see them succeed.

Lastly, I help businesses, currently Burnett 1-800-PAINTING, to transform our customers into friends that look FORWARD TO: buying from us, referring us, seeing us, getting coffee with us, and just knowing us more. And know this: we look FORWARD TO doing so with you!