Venice Florida House Painter

4 Ways to Find a Venice, Florida House Painter

When you’re looking for a Venice painter, you want to ensure you hire a professional that understands outdoor painting. There are plenty of painters in the area, but where do you begin? By considering where to look for your painter, you can bypass a lot of the amateurs in the area and skip to the    […]

Painter Venice, Florida Receives Painting Testimonial

I’m Claira [Indiscernible] from Newburgh, New York and we contacted Steve Burnett. He sent Gary to us then we’ve been very pleased with him and told him he is a great painter.   My name is Ed Kerwin. I live in Newburgh and the job that they do is perfect. It’s just – well you    […]

Aren’t all exterior house paint brands created equal in Venice, Florida?

Choosing exterior paint color is the hard part. Now let’s get to the easy part! Choosing a paint brand: aren’t all exterior house paint brands the same? No!   There have been a lot of strides in paint quality over the years. The color will last longer with today’s formulas than they did 10 years    […]

4 Areas of Prep Work You Can Avoid By Hiring a Professional Painter in Venice, Florida

Whether you are painting the walls inside of your home or the exterior of your house, there is a significant amount of prep work that needs to be done. This ensures that the paint color that you choose goes on smoothly, turns out to be the color you intended, and that the paint lasts for    […]