Painter in Englewood, Florida Receives Painting Testimonial from Drew and Elli Baron

Hi. We’re Ellie and Drew Baron. We’re from Englewood, Florida and our home up north is in Toronto, Canada. We’ve been looking to have our driveway done for so many years and we’ve had so many prices and we decide that there was no – that we just didn’t find anyone that we really, really trusted to do the job and we came across Burnett Painting through one of our neighbors and he came in, gave us a quotation and he started and had the job done within three to four days. We are so pleased. Our driveway just looks great. A beautiful job. Thank you.

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Painter in Punta Gorda, Florida Testimonial from Scotts

Pete Coleson Video Testimonial for Burnett Painting

Hi, I’m Peter here in Punta Gorda Isles and Steve Burnett did our painting for us.  We had a pretty good experience.  Eric, his guy, spent about two days working pretty hard in the hot sun and did a very good job.  I’ve done a lot of painting in my time and I noticed how much attention to detail he put into it.  I was pretty impressed; they did a very good job.

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Port Charlotte, Florida Testimonial for Burnett Painting

Port Charlotte painting testimonial for Burnett Painting

Hi, my name is Neal Aiken and I just had Burnett Painting do my job here at the house.  He and his crew of one, besides himself, did an excellent job and I was very well pleased.  While he was here, Steve watched the Fifth Grader and he wasn’t smarter than a fifth grader, and neither am I but he’s smarter than any painter I’ve ever met so I recommend him very highly.




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Englewood, Florida Painting Testimonial for Burnett Painting

Englewood, Florida painting testimonial of Burnett Painting

John:  We are John and Dora Largents from Englewood and we have had excellent results from Burnett Painting.  Quality work, quality material, quality personnel.


Dora:  That’s right, you said it well.  The painter was very polite and very exact.  Thanks Burnett Painting.


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