Port Charlotte, Florida Painting Testimonial for Burnett Painting

Carol from Port Charlotte Florida Gives Burnett Painting Testimonial

Carol of Port Charlotte, Florida says Burnett Painting is the way to go. Thanks, Carol!

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Painter of Venice, Florida Receives Video Testimonial

Venice, Florida painting testimonial for Burnett Painting


Length:  1:08


Tim:  Hi, I’m Tim Higgins.


Sally:  And I’m Sally Higgins.


Tim:  And we’re from Venice Florida.


Sally:  And we had Burnett Painting come by and do the exterior of our house.  They did a wonderful job; we were very, very pleased with the outcome.  They were always on time, the pricing was very reasonable and they did an exceptional job, we are very, very happy with the results.


Tim:  One of the things that impressed me was that when Steve came in to do the presentation, I had a list of questions on a sheet of paper that I was going to ask him because I was going to interview several different companies.  I was surprised that all my questions were answered by the end of his presentation, like how long he had been in business.  A little bit about Steve actually is the warranty and that is one of the things that impressed me was their warranty.   I think that would have sold me anyway, it certainly sold Sally.  We didn’t end up interviewing anyone else, because like I said, by the time Steve was finished we were very, very comfortable using Burnett Painting.

Sally:  And they did a very excellent job, thank you Steve.




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North Port, Florida Interior Painting Testimonial for Burnett Painting

north port florida painting burnett painting video testimonial

Watch the video!

This is Bernadette LaPerle, from Vermont and Steve and Burnett Painting painted her home for her.


Myself and my husband purchased a new home in Northport Florida.  I did everything from Vermont with my realtor.  Over the internet, I found me a painter, Steve Burnett and I called him.  Several times we talked on the phone, didn’t know exactly when my purchase was going to be happening and he called me the day of our closing.  I was really excited that he remembered to get back to me like he said he would.  He came in, came into my house within two days.  He was here two days and was finished.  My realtor came over and met him and said ‘he did a wonderful, wonderful job for you Bernie, just wait until you get to Florida, you are going to be so amazed.’  He was a very honest person, he had his son come over and mow the lawn for me which I thought was great.  And he has also been a friend, talking to me over the phone as I didn’t know anyone here.  And he did an amazing job painting, he cleaned up well.


For me in Vermont, to hire someone I didn’t know… I asked him for some references, I called five of the people and got hold of three and his references were absolutely wonderful.  And they were absolutely right, I made a great choice and am so very happy.  I haven’t met him yet, I met his wife, she’s wonderful too.  Thank you for doing such a great job and making it very much comfortable for us when we got here, we didn’t have to paint.  I do appreciate it and I highly recommend him.



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