Should I Hire the Cheapest Painter in Venice, Florida? Why or why not?

Part of looking for a quality home painter means getting quotes from several painting companies. This is just part of the process to ensure you’re not paying more than you need to. However, if you go with the very cheapest painter that you come across, you could end up with a few unwanted surprises along the way. Make sure to do all the necessary research when choosing a painter.

quality house painter in Venice, Florida

There’s probably a good reason that a painter is so cheap. Especially because of today’s economy, many contractors are willing to lower their prices in order to get more work. But a quality painter isn’t going to have many problems finding work because quality is still in demand. Therefore, if you find a painter that is willing to go extremely low, you have to wonder what kind of quality you are getting.


Most painters will come out and look at your property before giving you a quote. This is done because they are looking to see approximately how many hours it will take to complete the job. This will include prep work, repair work, as well as the painting time itself. If a quote comes back too low, they may not have adequately priced the job to handle all the prep that needs to go in.


If a painter gives a quote based on doing the painting only, you won’t get a quality job on your home. Failure to prep the stucco means that you won’t get good paint coverage and you may end up with peeling or fading problems, too. If a painter is too cheap, you may end up having to have your home painted every few years.


Another thing to be on the lookout for is the quality of paint being used. A home painter that gives you a really cheap price may be using cheap paint, too. The price they quote you needs to sufficiently cover their materials and their time. In order to save money, they may use a lesser quality paint. Quality paint won’t lead to chalking and other issues that can damage the look and structure of your home.


It’s best to take the time and look at the type of painter in Venice, Florida that you want. By getting a few different quotes from painters in the area, you can find out who has the lowest and who has the highest prices and who offers the best quality at the best price. An affordable price is something to be on the lookout for. But if it’s too cheap, you have to wonder about where they are cutting corners to offer you such a low price.


Do some comparisons, look for warranties, and then make an educated decision on who will paint the exterior of your home.

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Choosing Colors When Painting Your Venice, Florida Home

When you built your home, you went through a construction company that had a very limited option for colors. You may or may not have had any choice in what those colors were. As a result, your home looks very similar to at least a dozen other homes in your community. When you hire a Venice, Florida painter, you can finally choose from a number of different colors to change the look of your home.


One of the first things that a painter in Venice, Florida will discuss with you is the colors that you want for your home. Depending on the community you live in, you may have some limitations on the exterior, but the interior is free game. However, a painter should be familiar with the community or be able to find out what your limitations are.


From there, your Florida painter can offer you suggestions in terms of what will look best for your home exterior painting. Based on the colors you’ve used in your landscaping, the colors that you love as well as the colors of your neighbors’ homes, there are a number of colors that can be established for your home. This includes the base color as well as accent colors for the various other aspects of your home.

Beautiful exterior home repainting that goes well with the landscaping

Beautiful exterior home repainting that goes well with the landscaping...


Your home deserves to look unique. You’ve worked hard at establishing a good feel on the inside of your home through different types of furnishings and decorations. You may have even painted the walls on the inside of your home. There’s no reason the same can’t be done to the exterior of your home.


Talk with a few different painters in the area to see what type of paint they use, what your color options are, and what kind of warranty they will offer you. Depending on the paint brand a painter uses, you may be limited in colors or on the warranty. You can look forward to a warranty of up to 9 years based on the paint used.


You also need to listen to what a painter has to say about your home. You may opt for a very neutral color on the house itself and then green, brown, blue or other colors on the trim or the garage door. By applying a few different colors to your home, they can help to add more character and blend in to give a new look to your house.


Every home deserves to look different. If your construction company didn’t give you the options you wanted years ago, that’s one thing. But when it’s time to paint your home again, you may want to branch out and choose some different colors. This is your opportunity to add character to your house and set it apart from the other houses in your community.

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Accept Only the Best Painter in Venice, Florida

Saving money is one of my (April’s) favorite things to do! However, I have learned not to cut corners when it comes to having things done on our home and other projects. “You get what you pay for” is not only a common saying, but it is also very, very true! Don’t we all have stories locked and loaded about times when the cheapest route turned out to be VERY expensive later? Oh, yes…


You should only accept the best when it comes to a Florida painter, even if it means spending a little more money up front. You want the best value, not the cheapest immediate price. The overall outcome with getting the best painter in Venice, Florida is that your home looks phenomenal and the paint will last a lot longer than if you were to just hire anyone with a paint brush.


There are a few ways to hire a painter. You can hire a professional that is licensed and insured, you can hire a contractor that offers odd-jobs, or you can hire someone who is willing to use a paint brush for an hourly rate. Only the professional will give you the results you really want.


A contractor may be able to prep the side of your home sufficiently and even paint the house without any problems. The downside is that they may not be insured. Should they fall off the roof of your home or damage your property, you’re liable for all of it. This means that all the money you saved is down the drain.


Another problem is that they may not be able to select the right paint for the job. They are likely going to go with a cheap paint because it will result in higher profits for them. You may not even notice the problem until your paint starts to peel in the hot sun or fade in a few years, causing you to go through the process all over again.You get what you pay for in home painting contractors


If you hire a person hourly, you’ve got the same problems, only worse. Now you don’t have insurance, you don’t have good quality paint, and you don’t even have a guarantee that they know how properly give you the results you want on the exterior painting of your Venice, Florida home.


Hiring a professional Venice painter means everything to your home and to your pocketbook. A professional will be licensed and insured to show you they know what they’re doing. They will also provide you with a warranty to give you peace of mind that the painting in Venice, Florida will hold up to the Florida sun for many years. You can look for a warranty for as long as 9 years, saving you tons of money. Other painting services may save money up front, but if you’re not hiring the best, you haven’t really saved any money in the grand scheme of things.

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Interview Your Venice, Florida Painter for Superior Results

The only way to get the results you want out of a Florida painter is to interview them. A lot of painters are out there and not all of them use the same techniques and the same quality paint. You want the best results possible for the exterior of your home and the painter you hire will have a significant impact.


When you decide to have the exterior of your home painted, you need to look at more than one painter for the job. Take the time to interview three or four companies. Make sure they come out to your home, talk to you about what you want, and discuss their techniques. Many times, when a professional comes out for the estimate, all your questions will be answered before he’s done estimating and then asks if you have any to interview a painting company- cartoon


Should you need to ask questions, prepare a list ahead of time. This way you can ask the same questions of all the painters you interview. Then you can do some comparisons between their answers to find out who is the most experienced and who is the right one for your project.


The top questions should revolve around their ability to perform the work. While cost is a factor, you want to find out about their warranty, their guarantee, and what kind of paint they use. This will tell you a lot about the professionalism of the painter. It will also help you determine what your home will look like afterwards.


The average painter will arrive to your home for an interview prepared for any questions you may ask. This could include photos of past homes they’ve painted, a copy of a warranty they will provide you, as well as price estimates for the cost of your exterior painting.


Exterior painting is very important. The exterior of your home is the first thing that people see when they look at your house. If you have bubbling on the paint, uneven coverage, or peeling, your home will look older than it really is. You can prevent this kind of embarrassment entirely – just by choosing the best painter for the job.


Painters in Venice, Florida must be interviewed to set them apart from their competition. Not all painters are the same and not all licenses equate to professionalism. Many have worked on construction crews and have decided to moonlight as exterior painters on the side. While this sounds like a way to save some money, it often comes at a cost – usually through the use of poor quality paint, a paint job that takes weeks to complete and/or no warranty.


Your home should look stunning when the project is complete. Through interviewing your painter, you can get the superior results that you’ve been looking for. You will be able to determine who the professional painters are, who is the most qualified, and who offers the most to you. From design to quality to price, all of these topics should be covered in your interview.

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Painter in Venice, Florida Receives Painting Testimonial in Plantation

We’re Pete and Jen Lyon and we live on Westmount Lane in the plantation in Governor’s Green and we’ve just got a great experience with Burnett Painting and wanted to do a testimonial because it was a combination of the quality of the work, the personal interface. The site that attracted to Burnett Painting in the first place is the fact that there were so many choices in the area and you don’t know who really follows up, who really does great quality and so we’re just here to …

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Painter Venice, Florida Receives Painting Testimonial

I’m Claira [Indiscernible] from Newburgh, New York and we contacted Steve Burnett. He sent Gary to us then we’ve been very pleased with him and told him he is a great painter.


My name is Ed Kerwin. I live in Newburgh and the job that they do is perfect. It’s just – well you will see the background at the back of us how excellent his work is that he did.

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